1.3.4. Handle Edit Mode

A handle can be moved so that only that handle and the adjoining segments are changed. No other handle will be affected. This may vary the length of the adjoining segments. This is equivalent to Edit Mode in the Figure Builder. This is different to the Ctrl key which will also move the handles of other segments attached to the one being edited. Also, unlike the Ctrl key, segments will not snap to their default length.
    This is done by holding the R key while dragging any handle or by selecting the option in the positioning toolbar
Drag any handle while holding the R key to reposition a handle without affecting other handles
Edit Mode can also be combined with line bending by holding the R key while dragging with the right mouse button. This works differently to bending with the Ctrl key because the angles at the handle being moved won't change, whereas the length, bend and angles at the opposite ends of the attached segments will change. This makes it easier to keep a smooth curve at the handle being positioned.
  This is equivalent to enabling both the segment bend and handle repositioning options in the canvas toolbar.
Edit Mode can also be used when joining figures so that only the origin joint of the figure being joined will move. This means that the rest of the figure will stay where it was.