1.3.6. Segment Alignment

Figure segments can be aligned to horizontal or vertical (right, left, up and down) by placing the mouse cursor over the corresponding red handle, holding the Shift key and pressing an arrow key.
Segments can also be aligned to intermediate 45° angles by using a combination of two arrow keys.
Place the cursor over a red handle, hold the Shift key and press one or a combination of the arrow keys to align the segment
Segment alignment works in combination with the R key, or when Edit Mode is enabled, to only align the selected segment without affecting other handles.
Segment alignment also works with Isolated part rotation using Caps Lock or the toolbar option so that attached dynamic segments are not rotated.
Segment alignment also works with bending using the right mouse button or the toolbar option.
Segment alignment also works with figure rotation using the toolbar option, to align the handle relative to the figure's orange origin handle.